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OTTUNO, founded in 2016, is a dyeing studio working exclusively with natural colors. Products are all handmade and unique.

We discovered natural dyeing quite accidentally and made our first experiences with an initial “kit” of natural colors without any specific intention. But then, all of the evidence fell into place: we had to develop volume, define certain design relationships, and choose an article pleasing in both sight and touch. Thus we created our first pillows.

We could have stopped there, having made some gifts as well as a few sporadic discoveries. But we had found a real pleasure that we then turned into a project: give a certain standing to our prized experiments, build up a series of articles into a kind of corpus, and finally, define a brand in its own right:

OTTUNO – a name we invented to develop a round and affirming sound.

Stéphanie Bédat, Carlo Parmigiani, founders and associates

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