ULUBURUN is a collection of hand dyed throws in hemp (60%) and linen (40%),  170x220 cm. Other dimensions available. Prices on request.

The name Uluburun refers to the story of a ship of the Bronze Age that sank in the Mediterranean sea. The ship transported lots of goods, ordinary and luxurious. Among them, a great quantity of shellfish, probably to dye clothes for princes. 

On raw linen, natural colors develop fascinating intensities and chromatic depths that are infinitely variable.

Our creations are mostly in linen, a natural fiber par excellence, both resistant and supple. Following ecological production practices, it produces no waste and is grown only with rainwater. Its footprint on the environment is therefore minimal.

Colors are chosen according to season. Each throw echoes a particular moment of the year,

an atmosphere, a mood.


ABACO is a collection in progress of cushions sewn from a thick, natural linen. The minimalist design is inspired by shibori, the traditional Japanese technique of artfully folding fabric in order to dye some lines and areas while leaving others untouched. Here, lines trace a repeating grid that is intentionally imprecise, allowing the dye to freely run its course.

Abaco is the name of a codex on mathematics and geometry written by Quattrocento painter Piero Della Francesca. The codex was a demand of Piero's father, who was a rich textile merchant. The cushions Abaco are a "clin-d'oeil" to the theories about proportions elaborated during the Renaissance, but also to the artist’s palette of colors.


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