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Les Cuvées are a limited edition of throws, bed covers in hemp and linen, or in wool. They are created with a basis in natural indigo which is then completed with one, two or three colors. Thus, each piece is made of several layers or "passages" - from three to eight - depending on the number of colors or on the requested degree of intensity. The grid pattern comes from a shibori technique called itajime. This technique serves to shield portions of the fabric from the dye by folding and pressing it. 

The French word "cuve" (vat) identifies the major step of the creative process - once designed, the textiles are soaked multiple times in a vat to be dyed. Furthermore, the word, of course, echoes to wine in different aspects: our textiles have « bouquets », must be pampered to be conserved and have their place in everyday life just as in special occasions.

Les Cuvées were presented for the first time at IMM Cologne design fair in June 2023. The Cuvées project goes on.

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