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OTTUNO, founded in 2016, offers textile creations in limited editions, handmade, using plant-based dye techniques. Each piece is unique, dated and numbered. 

Driven by the desire to draw from nature’s sources and convinced of the necessity of handling textile in a way that is more respectful of the environment, flowers, leaves, bark, berries are in the heart of our project. These living bodies develop, at the contact of untreated textile materials, fascinating and infinite chromatic intensities and depths. Borrowed from de most ancient dye traditions, our approach is intuitive in its execution and yet controlled in its result. 

We discovered natural dyeing quite accidentally and made our first experiences with an initial “kit” of natural colors without any specific intention. We could have stopped there, having made some gifts as well as a few sporadic discoveries. But we had found a real pleasure that we then turned into a project: 

OTTUNO – a name we invented to develop a round and affirming sound.

Stéphanie Bédat, Carlo Parmigiani, founders and associates

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